• Ilfana Shalan

    Ilfana Shalan

    The queen of Illestria, direct descendant of the first queen of the mighty country, sharing both her name and skill at arms
  • Jace Andros

    Jace Andros

    Hero of the modern era, his travels, adventures and exploits are well known throughout the land
  • Jaeden


    Lord High Templar of the Order of the Phoenix
  • Jaundice


    sickly from birth, his quick blade and tongue have seen many who underestimate him to an early grave
  • Serah Nightingale

    Serah Nightingale

    Lady commander of the Templars of the sun, the elite knights who act as justice in the great city of il-Shalan
  • Sullivan Hayde

    Sullivan Hayde

    A mysterious white haired man, gifted in the arcane arts
  • Tharg


    a great behemoth of a man, said to have ogre blood with the temperment to match
  • Viktor Kinninston

    Viktor Kinninston

    Also known as Viktor the Swift, a famous bard who turns his adventures into epic ballads. Though elderly, he still seeks the perfect tale
  • Wolfe


    A hunter and survivalist who roams the northern frontiers of illestria with his mountain lion Sabre
  • Zale


    some say he is but a legend. the greatest assassin to walk the lands