By far the dominant species of humaniod on Rybrinia, Humans have spread across all the lands and have adapted specifically to the regions that they live. Though no true subspecies exist, innate skills and abilities are often defined by the regions that they originate

often seen as cold and aloof by other races, these beings isolate themselves in their lands and often guard their domains to the death. Rarely mingling with outsiders, their long lifespans make them seem quite aline in the ways they interact with others.

Dour folk who dwell in the depths of the earth, forever locked away in their stone halls. the most technologically advanced of all the races, they guard these secrets to the death

legens speaks of the glories of this canine race, but those days are long passed. cursed by the taint of their god Noh, they have a hunger for living flesh and are feared by many other beings as monsters.




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